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This place is made for me, mostly, but also for you. Hopefully I’ll be able to disseminate helpful information and thoughts more widely than if I were to speak about them on a physical basis. 

I would also like to use this place to share my current projects, endeavours, and schemes so I can connect with you on a personal, digital level. Maybe we can commiserate and celebrate? Let’s see. 

My projects are as follows:

  • Thesis at OCADU (#thesis)
  • A comic series launching at Comic Arts Brooklyn this November (#iopa, #fest)
  • A Riso workshop launching Spring 2020 hosted by Colour Code Printing (#workshop)
  • Maintenance of my own, small, Riso printing endeavour, Bullywug Press (#bullywug)
  • This blog! (#blog)
  • My “tabletop game empire” (#almanac)
  • The beginnings of a Patreon (#patreon)

Hope I’m not just shouting into a void here. Shout back in various ways via my contact page. 

– Olivia 

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