Olivia Kim

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Sketch Commission

$50.00 CAD

An uncoloured pencil sketch of 1 character. No background. To be drawn on an 8.5/11" page. Upon completion a high-res digital scan will be sent through email and a physical copy will be sent through the post. 

Please, before you place this order, send me and email with a quick brief containing the following: 

– Your Name
– The character, concept, and purpose of the drawing
          – eg. Bulma from Dragon Ball but she's wearing this outfit for my brother's birthday gift. 
– A link to one of my instagram posts which represents the style that you would like to have the drawing in. 
– At least 2 reference images.
          – eg. this bulmathis outfit, in this pose.
– Any crucial information
          – eg. Bulma MUST have her original Toriyama Dragon Ball eyes, her other features can be interpreted artistically to your discretion. 
– Additional characters, props, features, etc. Which may be added for an extra fee (paid via paypal). 

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